Friday, August 1, 2008

The Crib's Last Day

"Be fruitful and multiply" Genesis 1:28 and Gen 9:1ff
This was first commanded in the passage called the Dominion Mandate and then repeated again with the covenant God made with the earth at the time of Noah.

My wife and I have a Biblical (Protestant) perspective about having a 'large' family. When we had our sixth child by an emergency C-section, the doctor said to my wife, while she was still recovering from the general anesthesia, that we should plan to schedule a C-section a few weeks before the due date of our next baby. During the delivery of the 7th the doctor, for medical reasons, informed us this was our last.

As our little guy gets bigger there have been some milestones that are particularly emotional for Mom. Yesterday he turned two.

(I creatively used a 5 for the 2. But when Mom slid the cake toward the birthday boy it almost didn't burn anyone. She will post a cute blowing-out-the-candle video on her blog soon.)

At the end of what would be his last nap in THE crib that has been used for all seven of them, I had everyone get in.

I was impressed that the crib could handle it.

When I pretended to get in with them, it was hilarious to hear the cries of protest. Then I had them all get out in the order that they graduated out of the crib. Some of them were actually 'kicked' out by the newest member. Well, come to think of it we did use a bassinet temporarily for some of the babies while the big sister finished their term.

Today when the neighbor across the street was having a garage sale I offered to put it out in our yard, but Mom doesn't have a clear conscience with that - something about it not working properly. I doubt if it was new when we got it. Perhaps they have developed new regulations on construction and size of slats or something these days. Anyway, contact my wife if you are interested in a 'new' crib.

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