Monday, October 6, 2008

Scripture is integral to our math and science class

The Bible and mathematics & science compliment each other well. At the ACSI convention I had the pleasure of speaking to a little over 30 people who were interested in the topic of Biblical integration in the classroom or a Christian worldview of math and science. I had presented the paper at the ACMS (Association of Christian in the Mathematical Sciences) last summer. So I presented a similar powerpoint to this group. These are available on my Mr. Bird website under 'Student Presentations.'

If I had another opportunity to give a similar talk I know of several things I'd do to improve, including providing a handout and taking more time to prepare for the particular time constraint. Hopefully by that time I would make more progress on a little book I've been working on called "Christ-centered Mathematics: Daily Math Devotionals." In a book format I would be able to better cite sources and give a fuller explanation than the tri-fold Topical Mathematical Memory Verses permits.

Books that I would recommend:
Also consider
To answer the question asked in the comment below, I'd recommend looking at especially the first lesson of the Kuyers Maths project. It gives the quotes and allows the students to think through the implication.

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Tastewise! said...

Thank you for this information. I recently discovered The Divine Challenge and found the ideas very interesting. I have been searching for other credible sources on the same topic (Philosophy of Maths including Chrisitan perspective) to see how credibile the Byl book was. So I have just ordered Mathematics: Is God Silent after reading your blog.

I am wanting to make some math classroom posters and internet worksheets on the philosophy of math for students aged 12 - adult which compare and contrast christian and humanist (and other?)world views and their math consequences. Some suitable for public schools and others for Christian schools. Any more helpful leads ?