Saturday, March 3, 2012

Graphing Conics and x=

At the Teachers Teaching with Technology International Conference we got a glimpse of what will be coming in the next OS release of the TI-Nspire. This OS 3.2 will provide some unique features that will continue to set the TI-Nspire apart as the tool of choice for mathematical exploration.

I am especially exciting about what some may consider to be a little thing: Having the first option under right-click (ctrl menu) from the entry line be to change the type of graph that can be entered in the entry line. (Note: Even from the Menu it is no longer referred to as “Graph Type.” It is now called “Graph Entry/Edit”) This short cut is a much appreciated efficiency.

image of right-click (ctrl menu) from entry line image of menu, Graph Entry/Edit, Equation

Other features that provide reasons to get excited include:
- Graphing vertical lines from the entry line!
- Graphing inequalities like x<-2. To do this type text on the screen. Then drag it to an axis.
- Similarly, graphing inverse equations, like x=sin(y)
- Conics on a Geometry page.

Others are impressed with these features. See their video on YouTube.

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