Wednesday, January 15, 2014

STEM Workforce

I went to STEM Workforce meeting in Indianapolis in April 2012 where a good number of decision makers spoke. The visuals from the presentations for these meetings that have been held throughout the country are posted at
This picture of the STEM pipeline can be found in one of the presentations. 
Check out the video at (This gives the business and national defense viewpoint of the need for students to do hard things and study STEM.)

NMSI was at the Indianapolis meeting. It was great meeting some of their leaders and learning about their expansion into Indiana. This is also where I first heard about SeaPerch, which our school participated in last year. Other great STEM initiatives my students and I have participated in this year are TARC, Team America Rocketry Challenge, and VEX Robotics.

Another interesting bit of STEM news: The President of Texas Instruments Education Technology division, Melendy Lovett, was recognized as one of the top 100 STEM women leaders.

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