Wednesday, July 2, 2008

'Adventure Indy' Summer Reading Program

One of our family's favorite activities is reading. The Indianapolis Marion County Public Library encourages this with their Summer Reading Program. It was fun coming to the Wayne Branch after our month away. The friendly librarians said that they had missed us. One of the two ladies at the desk took special note of our one year old. We may have missed the month of June at the IMCPL, but this summer's Adventuras de Indy (as in Indiana Jones, but without the copyright infringement) will be enjoyed and fully taken advantage of by all seven Bird children.

Interestingly, yesterday we received Joseph's birthday gift that keeps coming. For joining Brickmaster LEGO Club we get 6 exclusive LEGO models. This month's toy was an Indiana Jones mini and a set that Joseph put together to become a Jeep-like car.
The Indiana Jones Mini Movie is humorous.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture! I'm so glad that you all chose to come back to Wayne for the summer reading program. We missed you!
(librarian at Wayne Branch)