Friday, July 11, 2008

SMART Board & TI-Nspire CAS in the classroom

This week I've been teaching a group of impressive calculus teachers about using SMART Board and TI-Nspire CAS technology in the classroom. I have filled my room with digital projectors, SMART Boards, Airliners, Senteos, and a Sympodium.

We had the participants over for dinner at our house on Monday. We played math games like Set, Blokus, and Trigon Blokus. Equate, with the Advanced Tiles, was another math game option.

We also took a lunch time lap around the Indy 500 and enjoyed the final evening meal together downtown. By the end of the week they had prepared lessons or learning objects with TI-Nspire CAS and SMART Notebook 10. Perhaps when the Nspire's next update to their operating system comes out in a few weeks I'll tell you about the new features to improve teaching and learning mathematics and science.

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