Saturday, July 12, 2008

When the mom works

A saying of King Lemuel: "A wife of noble character who can find?" By the grace of God, I have.
My wife is a wonderful and amazing woman. Besides being an outstanding writer/blogger, she does a great job in taking care of me and the kiddies. I re-met her after I had graduated from college. We actually went on a senior trip to Florida back with the high school church youth group I was new to. (Fun story my wife is great at telling.) Anyway, she had two more years to get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and become an R.N.

During the school year she may work once a week - some Saturdays, but usually 4 or 6 hours one weekday evening. Most summers she works a lot more. I tell people she works as a nurse to support my teaching habit. I'm glad for her to keep up her skills. That nursing knowledge comes in handy around the house when you have 7 active little ones. I particularly value her assessment between "she'll be fine" and "he needs to go to the emergency room [at 2 a.m.]."

So what happens when mom goes to work? I am repeatedly reminded that I am not a good mom (which is reasonable, since I'm the dad). I notoriously forget a diaper bag that contains important items. I know, irregardless of how hard we try, there will still be some kind of housework that Monica will feel like she has to do when she gets home. Hum, I guess, often when I get home, I think of all the school work I still need to do. I wonder if this is similarly why Monica evaluates the housework status even after spending 12 hours at the hospital. I can totally understand those calculations that show that it is more expensive for mom to work outside of the house then to stay at home.

Alright, here is what we did today: kids played with back door neighbors, my parents came over, some of us went for a walk, we went to visit my 84 year old Grandpa Ahart who is in the same hospital where my wife works, stopped by to let everyone say hi to mom, went to the hardware store, got back home and fixed a facet, everyone did their chores, made pancakes for dinner. We even made enough for mom when she got home.

Grandpa is doing well. Monica got to visit him before his diabetes related surgery. The doctors took him from taking seven pills, down to two. They got his potassium levels fixed up. He said that he didn't know he wasn't feeling well, but that now he is 100% better. He looked great.

This little girl with a piglet pancake and a 'stuffed up' piglet is hilarious. For example see cow, fish and pig.

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