Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wind Power in Indiana

The following summary of Wind Power in Indiana website was written by senior Mikaela.
Until 2008, wind power in Indiana was limited. Indiana's first utility-scale wind power facility is Goodland (phase I), with a nameplate capacity of 130 MW (2008). Since then, three more wind farms opened up in 2009: Fowler Ridge (phase I & II) Meadow (phase I), and Hoosier. Indiana ranked 10th amoung U.S. states as of September 30th, 2010, having a total of 1238 MW of wind capacity. Most of Indiana's wind power development has been in the northwest area. In February 2010, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory showed that Indiana had potential to install up to 148 GW of onshore wind power nameplate capacity, generating 443 TWh annually, in comparision to consuming 106.549 TWh of electricity in 2005. According to the USDOE (United States Department of Energy), each 1000 MW of wind power capacity installed in Indiana will annually save 1,684 million gallons of water and eliminate 3.1 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions; Indiana emitted a total of 230,830,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2007.

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