Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wind Power

The following is a brief summary by Kristen of the book Wind Power by Paul Gipe.

This book is one of the main resources Covenant has been using for information about wind power.
It goes into detail in the costs, the technology and plans for the future with wind technology. But in order to improve the future of this technology, we must understand the current technology. One of the current problems of wind energy is cost-effectiveness; the revenue made from windmills is not much more than creating one of the machines. Another difficulty being faced with wind power is the safety and size of the machines themselves. These machines are very large and many fatal accidents have occurred, but in the past 30 years there have been numerous improvements. We intend to improve other aspects of harvesting this power just as they have been improving the safety of it so that we may be able to have a resource that does little to no harm to the planet. The information from this book has allowed us to refine what our goals are and allow us to apply ourselves to the task of improving current designs.

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