Thursday, December 8, 2011

Geographic Information System - Renewable Energy

The following summary was written by Rebecca, a senior at Covenant Christian High School, on the subject of GIS and Renewable Enerery.
The GIS (Geographic Information System) is a technological tool for understanding geography and making smart decisions with the information learned. We, as occupants of this planet, need to understand the importance of geographical locations and how they pertain to nature and the world around us. Mainly, this knowledge of our surroundings helps us to make informed decisions about the planet we live on. The GIS helps us pinpoint geographical locations on maps in a much quicker way than doing it by hand or having to do it in a more complicated way. One of the main things about the GIS is that it is interactive. Like the article says: “ helps explore the complexity of our world.” GIS is not only improving the way we produce and deliver energy, it is changing the way we view our earth's resources. Most people do not realize how much energy is used in simple things every day, such as microwaves, electricity appliances, and cars. The GIS improvement and the success of the GIS product makes energy saving better for both the people and the environment. We are always looking to save money, cut back on things, and provide for our families. Although those are important things to think about, how rarely do people think about conserving energy and making sure things are renewable? How often do we as humans realize that not everything in this world and environment just shows up because it’s there? I think that a lot of people, myself included, should take more of an interest to the environment and God’s Creation around us.

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