Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stand Up Paddleboarding, Birthday Sand Castle, Shuffleboarding

Today I went paddleboarding at Kelly Park. Rental for an hour was $25. (1) It was fun. (2) It was a good workout. (3) I saw a school of fish swimming under me, lots of birds, and .... MANATEES.

While I was doing that and the kids were at VBS, my wife was making an appropriate cake for a 7 year old's birthday on the beach.

Don't worry, the sand for the cake was actually graham cracker crumbs. Since she was going to eat that cake when Grandma & Grandpa arrived, I figured we ought to make a real sand castle today. This was our first time really playing in the sand and building a sand castle. I had several kids fairly impressed with my sand sculpting skills. Later, my wife said that if I love her I would bury her in the sand. There are a lot of people who love her, so I had some help. And the result, courtesy of my daughter's digital camera (we are thankful for my aunt's hand-me-down digital camera), was ...
After cake, we did some 3 generations of shuffleboarding.
Grandpa did well for being out of practice. We don't have too many shuffleboards up in Indiana.

Grandma came back early with some of the kids because the bugs came out. Then the birthday girl got to open up a lot of Disney presents, which is where my parents had been for the past four days. Her actual birthday isn't until Flag Day on Saturday. We are glad Grandpa and Grandma came so that tomorrow my wife and I can do Family Astronaut Training Experience with 2 of our kids. When we get back from that, my parents will be driving back home right away so they can go to work on Monday.


jennie said...

Looks like Betsy had a great b-day celebration. Tell her that Edy says Happy birthday and she can't wait for her to get home so they can celebrate together.

Monica said...

Hi daddy!!

So did you like elizabeth's birthday cake?

well I will see you.

Love miriam