Monday, June 16, 2008

Theology of Father's Day

"Honor your father" is a biblical principle (see Eph 6:2)

Yet God has given us about 52 'holidays' every year to celebrate our Father in heaven and meet with the risen Christ. Keeping the Christian Sabbath is the primary focus of the day. It warmed my heart when an elder at the church in Orlando, where we have been attending this month, made similar comments about the Lord being the focus of the Lord's Day and not, despite what 'Halmark cards' may teach us, fathers. (The Puritan Thomas Vincent did the best job I've seen clearly explaining way the Christian Sabbath is on the first day of the week instead of the seventh.)

With that being said, I will now tell you about what a great dad I have and how I'm grateful I got to see him this week. He and my mom arrived Thursday evening, so that my wife and some of my oldest children could go to Family ATX. That evening we went shuffleboarding like we used to do when we would come down to Florida to visit my grandparent when I was young. My dad is a former president of Indiana Racewalkers Club. Friday morning we racewalked around 5 miles along the beach. We made it up to Jetty Park and back. Then we took my parents out to eat at Grills. Before they left on Saturday, I gave Dad the coolest patriotic NASA hat. When my 8 year old saw it in the gift shop she was reminded of Grandpa.

On Monday my children had a great time expressing love to me (and my wife who really wanted this done). They had me stand in the garage.
As the door raised up, my surprise was revealed. They had washed our van. They did a great job of it too. I love them all. They are such a blessing.

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