Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Delta II launched and a full day

I had a great and full day:
Got up early and tried to let my wife sleep in.
Drove to Amazing Amazon VBS and signed in five kids. Drove the 3 year old back to the beach house where Mom & Baby were hanging out.
Answered emails.
Helped Monica put some pictures on her blog from their turtle and bug adventure from last night.

Read more about GLAST.
Went to Jetty Park, paid the $5 parking fee and walked out the pier to set up the video camera on the tripod. Within 30 minutes, the Delta II launched carrying GLAST.
Immediately, it was time to pick up the VBS kids.
With coupons, we ate at Arby's.

Drove to Kennedy Space Center to hear a fascinating report from the astronaut of the week, Charlie Walker, a Purdue alum.
Purchased postcards and Father's Day present.
Watch 3D movie "Magnificent Desolation"

Looked at the NASA artwork.

Took a tour of the Rocket Garden while some wrote postcards and road Shuttle Launch Experience, and others played in the fountain.

Paused for a photo opportunity I had been wanting to get for some time.
When we got home we swam in the pool, spent some time in the ocean, ate some dinner, did family worship and chronicled the day.
Oh yeah, that was a fun filled day.

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Heather L. said...

Although I'm not commenting everyday, we are enjoying your updates each day! It looks like so much fun! And we are so grateful for all the wonderful times God is giving you all!