Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kennedy Space Center as a family

The National Wildlife Refuge trip to their visitor center was outstanding yesterday. This wildlife refuge sits on NASA's property. We saw an osprey family, leaping lizards, and an armadillo. Our 5 & 6 year old were the first to discover the armadillo and thought it was some kind of weird, fast turtle.

Hannah said that it was the best day and the only thing that could make it any better was if she saw an alligator.

Within minutes, there it was.

Finally, we ended the wilderness adventure for the day by traveling to the manatee observation park. We watched, but observed no manatees. The weather was a wonderfully comfortable.

After another early morning adventure on the beach and at the swimming pool, we got ready to take the whole family to KSC. Highlights include seeing my children volunteer for a hilarious show called Mad Mission to Mars 2025, upgrading our tickets to Commander Club annual pass, and the 3D IMAX movie about the International Space Center.
We made it back in time for free tennis lessons for children 8-14 at the Cape Canaveral Recreation Center (a few blocks from our house). After a crock pot dinner of sausage, green beans, & potatoes, we went back to the beach to catch some waves and play in the sand.

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Margie said...

The picture right below the armadillo is not showing up...do you know why? We don't want to miss a thing in these wonderfully logged days of your trip! :)